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I was searching for new ukulele videos on the Web and stumbled upon this sweet video from Jaron Eldon & friends :

Here is the video :

I don’t know about you but this immediately reminded me of Rod Thomas’ lovely video “Same old lines” which I had discovered on Uke Hunt in this post.

So how about voting for your favourite sock puppet ukulele song ?

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Rob MacKillop has opened an online store for Fingerstyle Ukulele Arrangements.

He has written a series of e-books on fingerstyle uke :
– 10 Progressive Fingerstyle Studies for Uke
– 20 Spanish Baroque Pieces by Gaspar Sanz arranged for Uke
– 20 Celtic Fingerstyle Uke Tunes
– 20 Pieces from Briggs’ Banjo Instructor [Boston, 1855]

I’ve just bought the 20 Celtic Fingerstyle Uke Tunes (cost : £5) and it consists of 20 Scots and Irish tunes arranged for the ukulele.
The first part of the book shows neatly layed-out tabs for the different tunes while the second part contains tabs and scores for fans of standard music notation.

On this page, you can find all the mp3’s for the different tunes which helps you figure out how they should be played by someone who can play (I’m a beginner so this really helps). Talking about levels, there are tunes for all kind of ukulele levels.

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Al from Ukulele Hunt has decided to take a break until the 8th of May to focus on writing a new e-book on Ukulele Strumming, which seems to be an impossible task. In his last post he has kindly linked to my blog and since that day I’ve seen a great flood of readers from Uke Hunt in my numbers. Thanks Al !

As a result, I’ve decided to write all my posts in English until Al‘s return so that Uke Hunt readers don’t get frustrated ending up on my blog and finding out it’s all in French …
So welcome here and I hope you enjoy the posts.

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La nature est toujours une grande source d’inspiration, vous entraîne dans la contemplation et la rêverie, vous laisse vous perdre dans vos rêves.

Voici quelques chansons originales d’ukulele qui célèbrent la nature et la vie, chacune de façon différente.

Tout d’abord cette chanson de Korakor, Hidden in a toad, écrite sur la route.
Vous trouverez les paroles dans la zone info de la chanson ici

La chanson suivante Rivers’ Got to Flow a été écrite pour une association …

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Voici ma chanson originale d’ukulele préférée de la semaine, par krabbers, chanson que je voulais vous faire partager.
I wish I could write a song as nice as this one !
Vous pourrez trouver les paroles de cette chanson ainsi que les accords dans la section info de la chanson en cliquant ici

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