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Languages being a big subject of interest for U&L, I will try, every now and then, to convince my readers to learn a new one. This is definitely not going to be an easy task  as I can hear many of you objecting :

1- I’m never going to make it !

2- It’s way too difficult !

3- I will sound silly and people will make fun of me.

4- I am not even good at my own language, how could I learn a new one ?

But these are all wrong reasons. And this is what I would reply to each point :

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Koalas seem like a very appropriate subject, especially for Mr Jaynickel from Belgium, lucky winner of Bosko & Honey‘s Join the Safari contest.

Oddly enough, koalas crop up in a ukulele video in Croatian, by Karkanjerac :

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Interviewing Al aka Woodshed, the webmaster from Ukulele Hunt, also described as the world’s handsomest ukulele blogger, had to be very special for three main reasons :

Uke Hunt is my absolute favourite ukulele blog.

– I have a lot of respect for Al, for his tireless contribution to the ukulele community, for having managed to make a living out of something he was really passionate about. I also love his writing style, his sharp sense of humour and extreme use of self-derision. And I admire his outstanding ukulele skills.

Al has been very inspirational and helpful and it is partly thanks to him that this very blog has taken shape.

Since I am no match for Al‘s wit, what better introduction than to ask him if there was something he would like to be asked about ?

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I have been trying to find ukulele videos from the Baltic states lately. I was therefore very glad when I found a Lithuanian ukulele player in this video where a Lithuanian band called The Rhythm Junkies perform together with a Swedish band called Too Dumb To Die at the Herräng Dance Camp.

Ugnius, the very same ukulele player can also be seen performing with Lithuanian and Turkish friends in this cover of Nah Neh Nah by Belgian band …

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Today we get to find out what Halloween or rather All Saints day is like in Italy. Well at least in some places…

A lesson by Cappa & Drago from UkeIt in Italian and English.

From what I could find, the dish made out of pork and chick peas mentioned in the song is called cisrà (actually made of chick peas and different parts of a pig) and comes from the Piedmont region.

This post on reflects on …

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