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A piece of news from Italy is the birth of a new ukulele blog in Italian, Youkulele. The blog features interviews, news, uke reviews and also has a forum.

If you are learning Italian, why not practise your language skills by reading about your favourite subject in Italian ?

And here is another great way to learn Italian and the music of its language : listen to ukulele songs in Italian.

Here is a selection to get you started :

Fabyo Koryu , a skillful Italian ukulele player, sings Per Nessuno, a nice and lively spring song.

If you find Fabio Koryu‘s Italian too fast, try this cover of Rimmel by Francesco De Gregori. It is a slow song so you should have no problems making out the lyrics.

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Today is the start of my holidays which means I am in rather high spirits despite a nasty cold. Perfect time to travel the world of ukulele ! Here is an international uke tube which will take you to all corners of the globe.


Hearing a Welsh song performed on a ukulele is very rare so I am quite pleased with this find !

Ar Lan Môr, Welsh traditional on ukulele performed by Nic. For an English translation of the lyrics, check the description of the video.

From the United-Kingdom to Brazil

Cousin Alice, whom I discovered at the Paris Uke Fest last year along withTricity Vogue and the Sugarsnap Sisters, has travelled to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to remix and record her latest song Swinging on Rainbows. She has teamed up with Brazilian

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Time for more Beatles ukulele covers ! Today we’ll be listening to songs from the album simply titled The Beatles, more commonly known as The White Album. The White Album came out on the 22nd of November 1968 and is actually one of my favourite Beatles albums.

Here are 16 ukulele covers of songs from the White Album, from players from 8 different countries.

The Beatles – The White Album – Disc One

Four girls in the wind, (TinyBand) from the US play a lively and fun version of Back in the USSR with lovely vocal harmonies, kazoo, bongos, tambourine and of course ukulele.

Fabio Koryu Calabró from Italy performs an Italian version of Dear Prudence, Cara Prudenza, with Bosko and Honey at the First Italian Ukulele Festival in Vicenza.

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Looking for ukulele videos these days is very annoying with about 10 000 uploads a day (I’m hardly exagerating) of the same video of the little Asian kid doing a cover of I’m Yours. Still, I managed to find a few Christmas songs from around the world for you to  enjoy !

1. France

Petit Papa Noël covered by the Good Vibes Ukulele Orchestra. They should have called themselves “The Rolling Ukes”.

Le Père Noël by sur1étoile

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Today we get to find out what Halloween or rather All Saints day is like in Italy. Well at least in some places…

A lesson by Cappa & Drago from UkeIt in Italian and English.

From what I could find, the dish made out of pork and chick peas mentioned in the song is called cisrà (actually made of chick peas and different parts of a pig) and comes from the Piedmont region.

This post on reflects on …

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