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Time for another World Uke Tube !

This should brighten your day in case the weather is as dull where you are as it is here today. If it isn’t, please send some sunshine !

We’ll start with Portugal with the return of the Portuguese Ukulele Orchestra, Voodoo Marmalade, who will not fail to brighten the mood.


Voodoo Marmalade in a medley Clandestino (by multilinguistic Manu Chao) / Chiclete

And since they’ve been silent for quite a while

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Today is the start of my holidays which means I am in rather high spirits despite a nasty cold. Perfect time to travel the world of ukulele ! Here is an international uke tube which will take you to all corners of the globe.


Hearing a Welsh song performed on a ukulele is very rare so I am quite pleased with this find !

Ar Lan Môr, Welsh traditional on ukulele performed by Nic. For an English translation of the lyrics, check the description of the video.

From the United-Kingdom to Brazil

Cousin Alice, whom I discovered at the Paris Uke Fest last year along withTricity Vogue and the Sugarsnap Sisters, has travelled to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to remix and record her latest song Swinging on Rainbows. She has teamed up with Brazilian

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I have featured quite a few videos of Gawasiman, a ukulelist from Japan who has the knack for arranging Japanese pop music as well as classical pieces for the ukulele.

I have therefore decided to find out a bit more about him and his ukulele arranging. Gawasiman has been most helpful and has even offered to write a lesson for ukulele beginners which you will read about further in this post.

Let’s first get acquainted with his ukulele style with his arrangement of a famous Japanese song called Oyome Samba (お嫁サンバ ):

U&L : I read on your blog that you were playing the guitar, ukulele and bass. How did you discover the ukulele ?

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My knowledge of Japan and Japanese is rather thin and basically amounts to being able to count to ten in Japanese, which anybody having practiced a Japanese martial art for some time should be able to do.

Add to this a couple of verses from the Ponyo theme song I learnt thanks to Keonepax‘s lovely ukulele version and you’ll know exactly how little I know.

Today’s Japanese ukulele findings will enable us to visit Asakusa, in Taitō, a …

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This is the second post in the Beatles Ukulele covers series. The first post focused on The Beatles ‘ 3 first albums and today we’ll be looking at Ukulele covers of songs from the following Beatles albums : Beatles For Sale, Help! and Rubber Soul.

Beatles For Sale (December 1964)

Let’s first travel to Australia for a cover of Baby’s in Black.

The lyrics of the song refer to Astrid Kirchherr, a German photographer who met the Beatles in Hamburg. At the time Stuart Sutcliffe, one of John Lennon‘s friends from the Liverpool College of Art, played the bass with the Beatles. Astrid Kirchherr was engaged to Stuart Sutcliffe but he died in 1962 aged only 21, hence the song Baby’s in Black.

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