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Today our ukulele world tour takes us to Russia.

The first song is a ukulele cover of the song ОЙ-ЙО (Oi-Yo) by the Russian folk rock-band Чайф (Chayf).

The original song can be found here

In a completely different style, the next video brings together a ukulele, a violin and an accordion in a lively live performance :

Finally an instrumental piece, a traditional Russian song called Ochie chornie

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I was very pleased to see that my first post on Ukulele and native languages was well received.
Thanks to all who left a comment, whether on the blog or via YouTube.
HaileIsela and Al both mentioned their interest in a Gaelic ukulele video but I’m still looking. So if you know of any, send me the link (Use the contact form).

Here are today’s additions to the Ukulele and Languages videos:

9. Dutch
I have lived in the Netherlands a couple of years and I was pleased to see that I could still understand some Dutch, this guy’s diction is so very clear !

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