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Today in several countries of the world, it is Sinterklaas (St Nicholas). In the Netherlands, Zwarte Piet (Black Peter), Sinterklaas’ helper, has helped Sinterklaas deliver presents to children who have been good while he has filled his huge bag with nasty kids. The legend says that Zwarte Piet takes children who have been bad to Spain. I think I wouldn’t mind being very bad, I would love to travel to Spain!

With these early Christmas celebrations taking place, it is …

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The heat has been suffocating here for the past 2 days, so I’ve been looking at videos from the North to cool down a bit.
In order to avoid a nasty heat shock, let’s start by shifting just a few hundred kilometers northwards from here, to Belgium. Which brings a new language to my collection of ukulele songs.

31- Flemish – Frank

Thanks to TheWannabe90 from UU for pointing this video out to me.

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As a linguist I have tried to bring together two of my interests in this post : ukulele and languages.

So here is a little tour of Europe with songs in different languages.

1. Latin countries : Spanish – Lamento borincano (song from Puerto Rico)

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