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Today we’ll not only fly like a bee to all corners of the globe, we’ll also travel back in time with a few covers of older tunes.

Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK and the US will be among our destinations with a few nice linguistic surprises such as a Russian song performed by an American or a Mexican song performed by a German.


Gwyn aka Gwynthesizer does a really nice cover of Winter is Blue by Vashti Bunyan, an artist I didn’t know before listening to Gwyn‘s cover.

Streetwize Birdcage from Perth perform

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Update of the 7th of May 2010 : UkuleleSunnyBoy‘s latest EP, Play the Game, is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Today we are escaping to the Alps where we meet Ukulele SunnyBoy from Switzerland, a ukulele player inspired by beautiful Alpine landscapes.

Ukulele SunnyBoy is about to release an album so I decided to ask him  a few questions to find out a bit more about his music and about ukulele playing in Switzerland.


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Today’s videos will be a display of ukulele-, language- and video editing skills. We’ll be listening to Japanese, Swiss-German and Spanish (Cuba).

Sebi is Italian and lives in Switzerland and obviously is a multilinguist. It always makes me happy to listen to people singing in multiple languages !
Listen to Sebi singing in Japanese in this Japanese ballad called Koko ni iru yo. Thanks to Herman for pointing this video out to me.

…or in Swiss-German in …

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To be quite exact the title should have been “Ukulele in some French speaking countries”. Different places, different styles, as you will see from the videos below.
I didn’t find any ukulele video from any African French speaking country nor any from Guyane, Martinique or Guadeloupe so as usual, if you know any, please let me know.

Belgium and Québec
A video from a Ukulele Session. Saule (Baptiste Lalieu) is half Sicilian, half Belgian and has grown up in Belgium. Pierre Lapointe is from Quebec. They are singing a song called “Sur le Fil”.  There is also a piano song from Pierre Lapointe called “27-100 rue des partances”.

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