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Ukulele making and Polish songs.

30 2009

Close your eyes, spin a globe and point your finger anywhere on the globe…

… and today’s winner is … Poland.

Poland where we get to watch another ukulele taking shape,  destined to be a present for the ukulele maker’s dad according to the title of the video.

The video is well laid out so we get to see all the steps needed to come up with a beautiful looking ukulele.

You can then hear it being played in this song called Pieski małe dwa, telling the story of two small dogs. Lyrics can be found here.

More Polish in this beautiful ukulele cover of Maszynka do świerkania, a song by Polish singer, songwriter and composer Czesław Śpiewa, performed by Janin Lia. This video was spotted by Al in one of his excellent Saturday Uke Tubes.

The original version by Czesław Śpiewa can be seen here.

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