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The C.O.U.L.E (Lille and surroundings Ukulele Club) is three

23 2009

A few weeks ago, after buying tickets for the Paris Uke Fest, I realised I hadn’t even checked the French ukulele forum. I just didn’t think about it at all. I started the ukulele after watching several videos by the UOGB (Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain) and therefore looked for information in English.

Word had not yet reached the vineyards of Burgundy that there was an active French Ukulele community, and that there were French bands and singers playing the ukulele. Ironically I discovered the French blog King David Ukulele Station (KDUS) on Ukulele Hunt.
It was about time I found out what was going on in the French Ukulele world, so I registered to the KDUS Forum. The first member to welcome me was from the C.O.U.L.E (Club Olympique d’Ukulele de Lille et ses Environs), giving credit to the reputation of Northern French to be cordial and warm-hearted.



As it happens, the C.O.U.L.E is three years old today and as I am the first to have commented on one of their videos on YouTube, I am tagged as their first official fan. So I have asked Flamby1er from the C.O.U.L.E for some information about the group.

Who founded the C.O.U.L.E ?
In 2006, LittleFingersBen and Guillaume started the C.O.U.L.E.

What’s a C.O.U.L.E meeting like ?
The C.O.U.L.E meets once a month, usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Each month a new meeting theme is decided upon and the point of the gathering is to play and sing songs related to the chosen subject. This afternoon their subject is “Prison”. I forgot to ask how that one came about :)

There are between 5 and 10 members of the C.O.U.L.E and anyone is welcome to drop by,  whatever their level. The members of the C.O.U.L.E have very different levels from beginner to people playing in gigs.
Their moto is “Stay cool, come and play with the C.O.U.L.E.”

Here is one of their videos on the theme “Fauna and Flora”.
The song by Thomas Fersen is called “La Chauve-souris” (The bat)

The C.O.U.L.E has a wide repertoire as shown in this video from May 2007 featuring Marcarthur, LittleFingersBen and Sleipnir :

The C.O.U.L.E will attend the Paris Uke Fest where I’ll be delighted to meet them.
For further information you can :
– check out their YouTube Channel
– check out their MySpace
– join them in one of their sessions if you are passing through Lille (check for information on their meeting dates on the KDUS forum.

Thanks to Flamby1er from the C.O.U.L.E for answering my questions and for welcoming me within the French ukulele community. Happy Birthday to the C.O.U.L.E !

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