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Uke Hunt, International Ukulele Festival of Belgium

27 2009

Al from Ukulele Hunt has decided to take a break until the 8th of May to focus on writing a new e-book on Ukulele Strumming, which seems to be an impossible task. In his last post he has kindly linked to my blog and since that day I’ve seen a great flood of readers from Uke Hunt in my numbers. Thanks Al !

As a result, I’ve decided to write all my posts in English until Al‘s return so that Uke Hunt readers don’t get frustrated ending up on my blog and finding out it’s all in French …
So welcome here and I hope you enjoy the posts.

The 2nd International Ukulele Festivalof Belgium will start next week. So let’s look at what’s going on on the Belgian ukulele scene.

Chris Corner of IAMX has taken part in a ukulele session in Belgium, with the song President, a very haunting number. (For some reason sound cuts off at around 4 minutes)

Ukulélé Session IAMX Uploaded by cplesoir

The Ukulele Festival of Belgium will be held in Sint Niklaas on the 9th of May.

You can check the program by clicking here

Here are the prizes that can be won at the festival raffle :

3rd Prize : a Mahimahi Willow soprano

2nd Prize : a Kala koa concert ukulele with hard case

1st Prize : a Pete Howlett Uklectic soprano


  1. Al on the 27th of April 2009 @ 02:48

    Glad to send you some visitors, Armelle.

    It looks like the second half of the video is the same as the first – but without sound. So I don’t think we’re missing anything. My favourite recent Le Soir Session is this one. I keep thinking she’s going to break into When I’m Cleaning Windows.

  2. Armelle Europe on the 27th of April 2009 @ 02:48

    a comment from you on my blog is a real honour! A day to be remembered in my blogging history !
    I’ve noticed that the video is normal when you select HQ : it is not doubled up then.
    Somehow the link to your favourite Le soir session has not been accepted in the comment.Could you maybe give us the title ?
    OK got the link from Al:

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