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Europe, Brazil,Thailand : Ukulele Word Tour

07 2011

For those of you who have missed the Ukulele World Tour posts, I have finally found a bit of time to scan for the latest world videos. Today’s selection include ukulele videos from Finland, Brazil, Thailand, Germany, Denmark and Italy.

6 Countries, 4 languages… I hope you enjoy!

1. Country: Finland / Language: English

Jussi and Michael cover Have You Ever Seen The Rain by the band Creedence Clearwater Revival

2. Country: Brazil / Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Thanks to Marcelo from the blog Ukulele Brasil, here is Brazilian ukulele player Ivo Mozart in Mocinho do cinema.

Marcelo and his friend Alex would be interested in organising a ukulele festival in Brazil. Here is their message:

Marcelo and I are planning the 1st Uke Festival in Brazil. We need help. We don´t know how to start. We have got this beautiful place, with excellent infrastructure, actually a wellness hotel, in Campos do Jordão (which is very famous for one of the most important classical music festivals in Latin America. We wish we could hold a Uke Festival parallel to the Classical Music Festival. Do you happen to know anyone who is involved with any Uke Festival around the world that could give us a helping hand? Of course, we would love to welcome all of YOU here in Brazil.

If you think you can help them, please get in touch with Marcelo, please let us know in a comment.

3. Country: Thailand / Language: Instrumental

Ekkachat performs a lively original instrumental ukulele tune, Slap & Strum

4. Country: Germany / Language: English

A nice performance by Boy Who Cried Wolf singing Come Rest Your Head

Boy Who Cried Wolf performed as first part for Barbara Cuesta, a German singer songwriter whom I discovered incidentally. Although she is playing guitar, this video of her performing her song Inquiry is well worth checking. Voice and Intensity…

5. Country: Denmark / Language: Danish

Danish language ukulele videos are rather rare so here is a bit of Danish pop with Charlotte covering Kun For Mig by Medina

6. Country: Italy / Language: Italian

Alessandro Toto from Il Vicolo del Buonconsiglio sings and plays ukulele in Il timido Attanasio. Thanks Ron Hale.


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