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Misty Miller, Rita Braga:Weekly Ukulele World Tour

19 2011

This week’s Ukulele World Touroffers a wide variety of videos and subjects which I hope will contribute to your having a nice weekend.

Whether you’re after  mesmerizing voices,  a slide ukulele performance, Italian pop music, if you feel inclined towards learning some mathematics or if political satire is something for you, you should enjoy this post.

Country: United-Kingdom /Language: English

My favourite video this week, young and talented Misty Miller performs Remember.

Misty Miller has just released her debut album and her track Remember is available for free download here.

Country: Portugal / Language: English

Another lovely voice coupled with old cartoons, Rita Braga singing Under the Moon

Country: United-States

A live slide ukulele performance by Sandy and Aaron

Country: Switzerland / Language: Italian

Peer Seeman does a remix of the song Tutto l’amore che ho from  Jovanotti‘s album Ora.

Country: United-States / Language: Mathematics

Not so much of an ukulele performance there but an interesting attempt at making Mathematics a less boring subject.
If you prefer to work on Geography, then this post is for you.

College Professor Brandon Muranaka‘s special approach to Quadratic Formula

For further reading on Professor Muranaka‘s teaching methos, read this post.

More mathematics with an astonishing musical translation of the number π Pi (3.141593…) featuring a ukulele

Country: France / Language: French

And now for some political satire with this medieval comedy featuring the French president being inspired by his ukulele-playing muse Carla Bruni. She bewitches him with her singing and playing and convinces him to help the homeless.

Thanks to Ron Hale

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