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Pacific curls, The Nukes, Aotearoa (New-Zealand)

28 2010

Today our ukulele trip  takes us to New-Zealand _ or Aotearoa in Māori _ and the Pacific islands where we’ll discover two ukulele bands.

The first band, Pacific curls, consists of 3 girls, one Māori, one Rotuman (from the island of Rotuma, a Fijian dependency) and a Scots.

Listen to this Māori song, Ka Pa Te Karanga, performed by the Pacific Curls. In this song, the band is successfully blending a traditional Māori flute (porutu) with ukulele and cajon. Check this page for beautiful pictures of Taonga Puoro, the Māori traditional instruments.

Here is another song performed by the Pacific Curls, Flukey Ukey/Fidji time.

If you’ve enjoyed these songs from Pacific Curls, make sure you check their website where you can listen to some more of their songs and buy their albums. I recommend the song Whakamahana which is a brilliant fusion between Pacific rhythms and Celtic music thanks to the addition of the fiddle.

New-Zealand seems to be an energising country, as our second ukulele band, The Nukes from West Auckland, demonstrate in their lively performance of Wilderness.

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