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Ukulele song in Gujarati, Aav re varsaad

17 2011

After a much needed long break I am back to share a ukulele song in a language not yet featured on Ukulele & Languages: Gujarati ( Gujarātī).

Many thanks to Canadian language lover and ukulele player Peter Forrest who informed me that he had endeavoured to learn a song in Gujarati.

The song, a poem for children, is called Aav Re Varsaad (Inviting Rain) and Peter has had the good idea to add the lyrics to the video.

I  tried in vain to find a full translation of the lyrics. This site however, besides inviting you to try out a Gujarati recipe, provides an explanation of the first verses:

” Let the rain spread its shower again and again, to enjoy the hot chapatis (Roti) with bitter Gourd curry”.

Here are the lyrics :

Aav re varsaad

Aav re varsaad, dhebariyo parsaad,
Ooni ooni rotli ne Kaarela nu shaak.

Aav re varsaad, nevale paani,
Nathaaree chhokree ne dedke taani.

Aav re varsaad, dhebariyo parsaad,
Ooni ooni rotli ne kaarelaa nu shaak

As I didn’t know anything about the Gujarātī language, I used this excellent opportunity to become less ignorant and to do a bit of research.

Wikipedia tells me that Gujarātī is an Indo-Aryan language evolved from Sanskrit and originating from the state of Gujarat in Western India.

Gujarātī has its own writing system which I find both fascinating and complex. For further reading on the Gujarātī alphabet, check out these articles on Omniglot (Where the alphabet and its conjuncts can be downloaded in Word, Excel or PDF formats) and on Wikipedia.

To give you an idea, here is what the word Gujarā looks like : ગુજરાતી . Please note that Gujarātī is written from left to right).

You may also wish to learn a few basic sentences in Gujarati.

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