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Ukulele : Thailand – ประเทศไทย

13 2009

Let’s first get a glimpse of the country we’re visiting today : Thailand.

Thai Restaurant in Beijing

The only experience of Thai culture I have is having eaten in a Thai restaurant
in Beijing. I really loved the food,  the mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken and rice.

The setting was quite kitsch as you can see but the food was really refined and tasty.

Finding a ukulele song in Thai really took me ages. But surprisingly, finding a video showing the country of Thailand was almost equally difficult. I found either videos made for wealthy and lazy tourists, or bad quality videos made by visitors. The most annoying thing on these amateur videos is the choice of music. Where I’d expect local music that woud speak of the culture of the country visited, I found stressful and/or shallow electronic music…
Since I didn’t find the ideal video of Thailand after watching (far too) many , I have settled for this one, showing pictures of the Central part of Thailand.

If you’ve switched off your computer sound on the last video, put it back on to listen to this great Thai ukulele song. Although it is admittedly not good to gloat over one’s success, I must admit I am quite pleased to have found this video, tags and language not helping at all.
The song is called เธอคือความฝัน which in case you didn’t guess, means “She is a dream” according to Google Translate.

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