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Today the focus on ukulele and languages is shifting eastward. The songs have been quite tricky to find as some YouTubers have a cunning way to tag their videos so you don’t find them. Searching for videos in languages you don’t speak is quite challenging but it also brings me the satisfaction to find out a little bit about different cultures.

28. Ukrainian –  Веселі Біоритми – Любов! (Funny biorhythms – love !)
This guy is having great fun singing and has gone to great lengths to match his shirt, ukulele and kazoo !

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On the 16th of May last year, I came back from work to find an odd-shaped package from Juste Cordes awaiting me : my first ukulele.
I was really thrilled. Would I be able to play it ? Was it going to be just a passing interest ?

I didn’t know about the powers of the tiny instrument at the time. In fact I was completely ignorant : I had only just discovered the existence of an instrument called ukulele, I had never played another instrument before, and I knew close to nothing on music theory.

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Here is part six of the “Ukulele and Languages” series of posts, with ukulele songs from various Latin American countries.

24. Venezuela (Spanish) – La burbuja by El Rey Tuqueque
Lyrics can be found on the info section of the YouTube page

25. Argentina (Spanish) – Mejor no hablemos de amor
This is a ukulele cover of a song by the Argentinean band Enanitos Verdes. Lyrics can be found here

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Writing a post on Ukulele and Celtic languages was not an easy task. I’ve been scanning YouTube for videos in the different Gaelic languages for hours and my eyesight is now a bit blurry.
There are songs in Gaelic all right but not so many featuring a ukulele.

As a result I have been a bit more lenient and accepted other instruments for some of the Celtic languages until someone sends me videos featuring both ukulele (banjolele acceptable too) and Celtic languages. In the meantime, enjoy the sound of the languages !

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Today’s round of native-language-ukulele videos will focus on Asia.

16. Chinese
You can check out the Chinese Lyrics on the YouTube info area.

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