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Today’s ukulele videos in native languages will be focusing on songs from various islands.
I am very grateful to all the Ukulele Underground members who sent me links !

12. Tagalog
(dialect from the Philippines) – ang huling el bimbo ukulele

and here is another one in Tagalog from Bosko and Honey’s ukulele safari, by Seeso (with English subtitles).

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I was very pleased to see that my first post on Ukulele and native languages was well received.
Thanks to all who left a comment, whether on the blog or via YouTube.
HaileIsela and Al both mentioned their interest in a Gaelic ukulele video but I’m still looking. So if you know of any, send me the link (Use the contact form).

Here are today’s additions to the Ukulele and Languages videos:

9. Dutch
I have lived in the Netherlands a couple of years and I was pleased to see that I could still understand some Dutch, this guy’s diction is so very clear !

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As a linguist I have tried to bring together two of my interests in this post : ukulele and languages.

So here is a little tour of Europe with songs in different languages.

1. Latin countries : Spanish – Lamento borincano (song from Puerto Rico)

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2 weeks from today I will be celebrating my first ukulele anniversary !
Ukulele has gradually taken more and more space in my life. A day without strumming a few chords doesn’t feel right anymore and I am sure some of you will recognise the symptoms.

After a year, I feel it’s about time I become more intimate with my ukulele and what better way than to change its strings ?
I have ordered Clear Medium Worth strings (from to replace the Hilo strings that came with my concert Fluke and they should arrive sometime next week.
I have therefore scanned the web for videos on how to change ukulele strings.

Although the learning process has been a bit chaotic at times since I don’t have anyone nearby who plays ukulele to show me, it has been rewarding too. And Ukulele Hunt and all of Al’s ebooks on how to play ukulele have been an endless source of information and have helped me build a ukulele culture.

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