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Denmark is not too exotic a place but it’s been quite hard to find ukulele songs in Danish. But after many attempts, I finally found two :

41 – Danish
Firstly this short ukulele song : Ukulele sangen by Dan Andersen.

The video displays the lyrics so you can learn some Danish

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39 languages down the line and I still haven’t got a post about English US ukulele songs
Although the language challenge is not very high, as US ukulele videos abound on the net, I have chosen a great band to represent the US Ukulele world.

I’ve discovered Tripping Lily in this post on Uke Hunt and after checking their other videos on YouTube I bought their album Ukulily.
And I am glad I did. It is a real treat to my ears and I’ve been humming their songs for the past 3 weeks.

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You might have heard the story of the pied piper who charmed away the rats from the town of Hamelin by playing a tune on his flute.

Pied Piper

Well, I was practising on my ukulele when an unexpected visitor landed on my window sill, no doubt lured by the heavenly sound my Fluke was producing (NOT ) :-)

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Today’s ukulele tour will take us to Portugal which adds a new language to my list.

39. Portuguese (Portugal)

Portugal has also got its own lively ukulele band called Voodoo Marmalade. They usually cover well known songs in English. But in this video they mix a traditionalPortuguese song with Until it Sleeps by Metallica.

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In just over a week, on the 4th of July, I’ll head for the capital to attend the Paris Uke Fest.

I am therefore thrilled and apprehensive at once. Thrilled at the idea of attending workshops and seeing live ukulele acts, apprehensive to find out whether the ukulele community really is like a big family.

The point of this post is not to give you full details about the program, there is a dedicated site for this purpose.
But …

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