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Thanks to great family work I now have a logo to add personality to my blog. My mum had invented curious creatures called Schmolpz a long time ago and they have populated my childhood through my mum’s numerous drawings. My mum had even created a handwritten Schmolpz book to teach me to read, so when I thought about creating a logo for my blog, I naturally requested a Schmolpz

The drawing was one thing, and integrating it into the

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I’ve been so taken in my search for ukulele songs in rare languages that I have scarcely written about ukulele songs from English-speaking countries.

In order to amend myself, today’s post will be about New-Zealand. Why New-Zealand ? Apart from having a great Ukulele Orchestra which you are all already familiar with, my curiosity was piqued by this video :

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A great weekend in pictures in the Drôme region… From the perched medieval villages south of Valence, to the lavender fields around Nyons, and northward to the south end of the Vercors

I did bring my ukulele with me on the trip but the wind was so strong I couldn’t record a video. I’ve never experienced such strong gusts of wind as I have there… I had to hold on tight to my Fluke !

I didn’t …

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As you most probably know, the London Uke Fest will take place tomorrow.
I wish I could have gone, because there is a number of people I would have loved to meet who are going there.
But lack of time and limited family budget won’t allow this to happen.

So here are some videos of people who will attend the London Uke Fest and whom I’d love to meet.

Firstly, a brilliant video of someone who swears he is mediocre… …

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17 2009

Ukulele Italia

The Italian Ukulele Festival will take place on the 27th-28th of June in Vicenza so now is a good time to take a look at ukulele artists from Italy.

Firstly this excellent video from Beppe Boron (saxophone) and Fabio Koryu (ukulele), filmed during the National and European Festival of Children’s Theatre on the 13th of June 2009.

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