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My world tour of ukulele videos of French songs by non-natives goes on.

Today you can decide whether you feel rather BelgianSingaporeanAmerican, Japanese or Australian, based on different ukulele performances of “Les Champs  Élysées” by Joe Dassin (who recorded songs in no less than 7 languages : English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Russian and Spanish).
So what’s your vote ?

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French culture does not usually leave people indifferent. Whether it be to mock the French accent or laugh at French stereotypes, to rebel against the difficulty of French grammar or to relish its wines and food, the net is full of articles on France and the French.

Today I will be looking at ukulele videos of French songs performed by non-natives.

Here is a very good introduction to French stereotypes and ukulele by the Bobby McGees (Scotland). The very old French song (15th century) he is singing is called Sur le pont d’Avignon. You can find the lyrics and the origins of the song here.

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You might have noticed that I have been silent for a week. It’s been very strange for me to spend a full week with restricted Internet access but it did me some good too. As a result I have done no research on Ukulele languages at all this past week.

In contrast, I spent more time trying out various things on my Fluke and practising some of the techniques detailed in Al’s Ukulele Strumming ebook. If you haven’t bought your …

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The best time of year has finally arrived : summer holidays !
Time for freedom, BBQ’s, ukulele in the garden, tomato salads and… aluminium cucumbers… Apparently that’s what they have in Russia, check this song :

And in case you’re just like me and not too keen on cucumbers, you can enjoy roses, white roses as in this other Russian song :

Thanks to Al from the best ukulele blog there is for sending me the link to that …

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After our arctic expedition it’s time for us to travel to warmer latitudes. Today we are travelling to Africa where German David Forger plays the ukulele for Ugandan children while singing a song in Luganda. The children look delighted and sing along. The ukulele is a source of cheerfulness !

44. Luganda

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