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Archive for August, 2009

New web design, new features : quite a few readers expressed their wish to read interviews of ukulele players from around the world. This sounded like a great idea so I’ve sent a few email to see if I would get any responses. I was very pleased to see that I did.

Soffia from Iceland is the first ukulele player to have answered my questions.

U&L : why did you choose to play the ukulele ?
Soffia :
I …

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After quite a few almost sleepless nights spent working on redesigning Ukulele & Languages, it is finally ready to go online.
I am very pleased to have a blog which is now independant and self-hosted!

A zillion thanks to my husband Morten who has created a WordPress theme from scratch so it is specifically tailored to Ukulele & Languages. It has been a very constructive family project with many things we learnt in the process of designing.

In order to familiarise yourself with the new design, I recommend you read the About section.

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English with a German twist can sometimes cause disaster. For once the French accent is not the target of mockery :

And another video showing people pretending not to understand each other

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Today’s ukulele language trip will take us to Hungary which adds language number 45 to my collection of ukulele languages.

First is a cover of a song called Ott torony volt (there was a tower) by Hungarian bands Trabant and Balaton.
This song is played on an Oscar Schmidt OU5.

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Of all ukulele players (English-speaking players aside), Japanese ukulele players have been the most active in the past month, with many new YouTube uploads of ukulele songs in Japanese. Enough videos to hold a small Japanese Uke Tube while we are all impatiently waiting for Al from Uke Hunt to come back from his break.

Let’s start with this live performance from Taka & Nyaomi at a summer festival, performing one of their own songs.

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