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In case you don’t know what to eat tonight, Fabio Koryu from Italy will certainly give you ideas with his ukulele pizza song.
Even his glasses are pizza shaped…
Let your subconscious be invaded by this subliminal pizza call !

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It’s always when you stop looking that things come your way…
Today’s ukulele find is really great for me : a traditional Irish song called Siúil a Rúin.The timing is perfect with the first International Irish Ukulele Festival being held this coming weekend (15th-16th of August) in Dublin. Find out all the details here.

The song is in English with an Irish chorus and tells about the sadness felt after the departure of a beloved one who has gone to France. I really like this cover of the song, it brings back some memories of my time in Ireland. She who sings has this _in my view_ very typical “acidulated” voice that suits Celtic songs so well.

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Yes the eighth of the eighth is that time of year when I’m supposedly becoming one year wiser.

Here is a little world tour of ukulele birthday songs :

Let’s start with the world famous Birthday greeting, sounding a bit more exotic in Chinese

While we are in Asia, here is a song called Sweet Happy Birthday by Ayano Tsuji in Japanese

a Geburstagslied from Germany

A rather improvised birthday song in French

And yet Another Birthday Song (the actual …

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Update : this post was published at my previous blog address so the redesign has already taken place. I would however still appreciate any feedback you would like to give on the blog.


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Quite a few non-French natives have taken up the challenge to sing in French as you will see in today’s selection.

Haagendazs34 from the United States is singing a medley of three rather recent French songs : Ma soeur/Femme like U (Donne moi ton corps)/La lettre. I believe she really loves French because it is hard enough to sing one song in another language but a meddley of three, that’s adding to the difficulty!

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