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In September this year, Marcelo, a luthier based in Campinas, in the state of São Paulo in Brazil has created a new ukulele blog in Portuguese. A recent convert to the ukulele, Marcelo is working at promoting the ukulele in Brazil.

Ukulele Brasil

He has mentioned Ukulele & Languages in his latest post and has very kindly relayed my search for ukulele videos in Portuguese, which is much appreciated !…

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Close your eyes, spin a globe and point your finger anywhere on the globe…

… and today’s winner is … Poland.

Poland where we get to watch another ukulele taking shape,  destined to be a present for the ukulele maker’s dad according to the title of the video.

The video is well laid out so we get to see all the steps needed to come up with a beautiful looking ukulele.

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Zac Steimle, a ukulele maker based in Ecuador, contacted me last week to mention some videos he has made of two Peruvian friends of his, Wilfredo and Paul Hermoza, playing his own ukulele. So we get to carry on our tour of Latin America with the sound of a handmade Ecuadorian ukule from Oceana ukuleles.

Here is Zac‘s description of his ukulele, which you will see featured in the videos :

“It is the first …

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Next stop on our tour of Latin America is Argentina.

Let’s start with a cover of Me Late, a song by Argentinian Reggae Rock band Los Pericos, played on a tenor uke by Diego from the Dominican Republic. Just to avoid any confusion, “Me Late” is not a grammatically incorrect form of  “I’m late”  but means “Beats me” in Spanish.

The lyrics for the song can be found here.

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I have been quite impressed by Tim’s take on John King/James Hill version of Lary O’Gaff so I decided to contact him for an interview.

Tim (aka ukuleletim) lives in Austin, Texas in the United-States and started to play the ukulele in September 2008, a bit more than a year ago.

By means of an introduction, and before we move on to the questions, let’s listen to Tim, playing Tico Tico, a Brazilian song

U&L :  You’re initially a guitar player. Why did you choose to play the ukulele ? What do you like about the ukulele ?

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