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Today will be the last post of the year 2009. I’ve therefore decided to review all the great many things that have happened on Ukulele & Languages this year. If you are new to this website, here is a chance to find out about its contents.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Al from Uke Hunt as my ukulele learning would have stopped in its tracks had it not been for the huge amount of quality information available on his website and for his e-books which are perfect for people learning on their own.  Al‘s support all through the year has really been invaluable and I am extremely grateful for all the great help without which Ukulele & Languages would never have come to exist.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I’d like to inform you that my posts were written in French until the 27th of April 2009, around the time I started thinking about what my blog should focus on. Up until this date, my website was only keeping track of the different discoveries I made about the ukulele world.

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Bring together Fanny Fanlight from the United-Kingdom

… and Herman Vandecauter from Belgium

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Merry Christmas !

I believe that by now you are sated with Christmas songs of all kinds, ukulele or not.

So here is a selection of ukulele videos for those of you who do need a break from the Christmas festivities.

Our first destination is Jakarta, Indonesia, with this cover of a song called Kolam Susu by Indonesian band White Shoes and the Couples Company.

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I don’t normally post videos I make on my website but this one is special in the sense that it is a big HUGE thank you video dedicated to Herman Vandecauter (YouTube Channel) who has been patiently teaching me fingerstyle uke for the past three months.

There are no ukulele teachers around where I live nor any other player that I know of and Herman has kindly offered to teach me fingerstyle ukulele over Skype.  Despite a few occasional technical problems, learning over Skype has proven a good solution and I am very grateful to Herman for helping me in my ukulele learning.

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Ever wanted to learn where to find which note on your ukulele fingerboard ?

Herman Vandecauter from Belgium has made a video explaining where to find the different notes, associating them to numbers so as to make them easy to remember.

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