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Archive for December, 2009

Snow has coated the vineyards of Burgundy today, reminding us that winter is just a couple of days away.

To get even more wintery, we’ll be visiting Finland where Santa is believed to have his dwelling somewhere in the far North.

There we find Jussi and Michael and their usual contagious enthusiasm in a swinging ukulele cover of I saw her standing there by The Beatles. This should help shake the snow away !

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As it often happens when it comes to discovering new ukulele music, I heard Galapaghost on one of Ukulele Hunt‘s Saturday Uke Tube and really enjoyed his songs. I was therefore very glad when Al did an interview of Casey Chandler, the young and talented one-man-band behind Galapaghost.

Following a comment I left on Al’s post, Galapaghost-Casey contacted me and very kindly sent me his EP. As I am really enjoying Our Lost Generation, I’ve decided to review it in the hope that more people will be smitten.

But first, by means of an introduction, I asked Casey for more information on how Our Lost Generation came about and this is his story :

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Looking for ukulele videos these days is very annoying with about 10 000 uploads a day (I’m hardly exagerating) of the same video of the little Asian kid doing a cover of I’m Yours. Still, I managed to find a few Christmas songs from around the world for you to  enjoy !

1. France

Petit Papa Noël covered by the Good Vibes Ukulele Orchestra. They should have called themselves “The Rolling Ukes”.

Le Père Noël by sur1étoile

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Today we’ll be listening to a few ukulele (or rather укулеле) players  from Russia.

1. Сауспэн Драмз — Позеры on a bright yellow ukulele :

2. The Scheidenbach, a Russian band, playing The Dream of the Pirate

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Adriano from Portugal contacted me last week to mention his Portuguese ukulele blog, Ukulele PT, and his Portuguese ukulele shop, Uke Fixe.

Interested in finding out how he came to starting both a ukulele blog and a shop in the land of the cavaquinho, I asked him for his story and he was kind enough to satisfy my curiosity. Here it is :

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