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Do you reckon it is possible to find a logical transition from a post about Beatles ukulele covers to a post about Dutch and the Netherlands ?

I stumbled upon a video which makes an unexpected yet perfect introduction. A Dutch fan has recorded all the Dutch words uttered by Paul McCartney in a concert he played in Arnhem :

Jeff from Humble Uker Ramblings has published a post about a Dutch ukulele song which I found great to revise some Dutch as the lyrics of the song are displayed for you to sing along. The ukulele chords are also shown if you’d like to strum along too (tuning : A D F# B)

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Time for more Beatles ukulele covers ! Today we’ll be listening to songs from the album simply titled The Beatles, more commonly known as The White Album. The White Album came out on the 22nd of November 1968 and is actually one of my favourite Beatles albums.

Here are 16 ukulele covers of songs from the White Album, from players from 8 different countries.

The Beatles – The White Album – Disc One

Four girls in the wind, (TinyBand) from the US play a lively and fun version of Back in the USSR with lovely vocal harmonies, kazoo, bongos, tambourine and of course ukulele.

Fabio Koryu Calabró from Italy performs an Italian version of Dear Prudence, Cara Prudenza, with Bosko and Honey at the First Italian Ukulele Festival in Vicenza.

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Update of the 7th of May 2010 : UkuleleSunnyBoy‘s latest EP, Play the Game, is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Today we are escaping to the Alps where we meet Ukulele SunnyBoy from Switzerland, a ukulele player inspired by beautiful Alpine landscapes.

Ukulele SunnyBoy is about to release an album so I decided to ask him  a few questions to find out a bit more about his music and about ukulele playing in Switzerland.


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Today’s post will feature a selection of ukulele tutorials which should help you improve both your strumming and your fingerstyle techniques.

Before we move on to the tutorials, here is a link to a nice chord chart complete with fingering information created by Japanese Kunihisa Ogawa.

Tutorials for fingerpicking

Aaron has uploaded a very good fingerstyle ukulele tutorial. It is progressive, well explained and should help you get up to speed with a fingerpicking pattern. Aaron is giving a few useful tips for fingerpicking throughout the video.

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This third post on The Beatles ukulele covers will focus on the years 1966 and 1967, covering the following albums : Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour.

Revolver (August 1966)

Ukulele virtuoso Taimane plays a brilliant version of Eleanor Rigby

Fanny Fanlight from the UK covers I’m only sleeping.

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