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Thailand‘s ukulele community seems to be increasing judging from their website. Today I’d like to share my latest ukulele findings from Thailand with several Thai players exploring different styles of music.

Firstly, let’s find out what Thai sounds like with a cover of a song called ตุ๊กตาหน้ารถ (Took-ka-ta-na-rod) by siampansey.

Next comes a song which I quite like _although I haven’t got a clue what it is about_ , performed by akehawa.

Update: Paintedbird kindly provided me with the Thai name of the song เพลงส่วนตัว (peng-suan-tua) meaning ‘private song’ in English.

Thai ukulele players seem to be quite fond of fingerstyle uke as we’ll see in the coming videos.

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Today’s post is a surely akward attempt to fill the emptiness caused by the long absence of Uke Hunt posts and Saturday Uke Tubes as well as a means to let Al, the awsomest ukulele blogger, know how much we are all impatiently awaiting his return.

Todd Baio (USA) has released a four-song- EP which you can download for free over on Uke Hunt. Here is Suburban Fool, a really lovely song from the EP.

Krouk and Reno (France) in a cover of 1926 Blue Skies by Irving Berlin on a UB3 Gibson banjolele and Beltona soprano ukulele:

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This is the second post in the Beatles Ukulele covers series. The first post focused on The Beatles ‘ 3 first albums and today we’ll be looking at Ukulele covers of songs from the following Beatles albums : Beatles For Sale, Help! and Rubber Soul.

Beatles For Sale (December 1964)

Let’s first travel to Australia for a cover of Baby’s in Black.

The lyrics of the song refer to Astrid Kirchherr, a German photographer who met the Beatles in Hamburg. At the time Stuart Sutcliffe, one of John Lennon‘s friends from the Liverpool College of Art, played the bass with the Beatles. Astrid Kirchherr was engaged to Stuart Sutcliffe but he died in 1962 aged only 21, hence the song Baby’s in Black.

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Our world tour takes us to Ukraine today, where we meet Eugen Manzhenko, the first Ukrainian ukulele  player to upload videos to YouTube.

If you feel a bit down, Eugen‘s videos should bring a smile back on your face. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, there is an underlying feel of optimism in his songs and a real sense of fun which I really enjoy.

I was very curious to find out about ukulele playing in Ukraine and Eugen has very kindly agreed to answer my questions.


U&L : You are the only Ukrainian ukulele player I have seen on YouTube. How did you discover the ukulele ?

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One thing I like doing when travelling abroad is looking at signs, shop names, leaflets etc… which usually are a great source of language fun.

When the biting cold wind and the snow blizzard forces you to seek refuge in shopping malls while travelling in Norway, just look around at shop names to seek comfort. Some of them are rather funny. Here are a couple of examples I found in Norway this Christmas.

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