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Ukuleles for Peace is a wonderful organisation working towards creating bonds between Jewish and Arab children by bringing them together to play the ukulele. The project was initiated by ukulelist Paul Moore and the administrator of the organisation is Daphna Orion, his wife.

The Ukuleles for Peace organisation describe their goal as :

From Conflict to Coexistence: Creating opportunities for Jewish and Arab children to meet and become involved with one another in their daily lives.

The children of the Ukuleles for Peace orchestra are from the towns of Tira, a city with a muslim Arab population, and Hod Hasharon, a Jewish city. Both cities lie north of Tel Aviv, in the Center district of Israel.

In January 2010, Aquila strings (Aquila Corde) sent Lorenzo Vignando to film a documentary on the Ukuleles for Peace organisation. Aquila strings have been a generous sponsor and have donated strings and ukuleles to the Ukuleles for Peace cause.

Here is the documentary filmed by Lorenzo who has used his film-making talent to give us an insight into the Ukulele for Peace projet. You will no doubt recognise krabbers‘ beautiful song This Message .

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Today I’m in the mood for a trip to Spain where I’ve just discovered a few bands using the ukulele.

Let’s accompany a Catalonian band called Manel through the streets of Barcelona. Manel are performing a song called En La Que el Bernat Se’t Troba. The video is not very recent (April 2008) but I thought it was fun to visit Barcelona anyway.

Here is a more recent live performance of Manel, a song called Al Mar!.

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Today I’m inviting you to Italy where we meet Lorenzo Vignando, aka Ukulollo, who describes himself humorously on his YouTube channel: “I don’t know if I’m a ukulele player who likes movies or a filmaker who likes to play the ukulele…”. Whichever, he certainly is a talented ukulele enthusiast !

Lorenzo was many ukers’ favourite contestant for the Bushman World Ukulele Contest 2009 where he came second and has also been nominated for Uke Hunt‘s 2009 Video of the Year.

He has made quite an impression on the ukulele world with his multiple personality rendition of Ravel‘s Bolero. I have been wondering how much work was necessary to create such a great video and asked Lorenzo a few questions which he very readily answered.

Since we cannot get enough of this video, let’s first watch Ravel‘s Bolero by Ukulollo. Ukulolollo by the way is a one-man band, defined by Lorenzo as “me, myself, lollorpool, krenfilm and other hidden personalities”.

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Today I’d like to relay several pieces of information pertaining to fingerstyle ukulele which I found interesting.

New ebook released by Jamie Holding :

Jamie Holding has published a new ebook entitled Joan Ambrosio Dalza – 10 Pieces

Joan Ambrosio Dalza was an Italian lutenist and composer who played an important part in early Renaissance lute music. Jamie has arranged 10 of his works for the ukulele.

Jamie describes Dalza‘s works as catchy and moderately easy to pick and play.

As a preview to his ebook, you can get a free sample music sheet of a piece called Piva here.

Buy the full ebook on Jamie Holding‘s site here.

Familiarise yourself with Dalza‘s work and listen to Valéry Sauvage playing Jamie Holding‘s arrangement of Pavana alla Venetiana.

Rob MacKillop’s ebooks will be published by Mel Bay

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I have featured quite a few videos of Gawasiman, a ukulelist from Japan who has the knack for arranging Japanese pop music as well as classical pieces for the ukulele.

I have therefore decided to find out a bit more about him and his ukulele arranging. Gawasiman has been most helpful and has even offered to write a lesson for ukulele beginners which you will read about further in this post.

Let’s first get acquainted with his ukulele style with his arrangement of a famous Japanese song called Oyome Samba (お嫁サンバ ):

U&L : I read on your blog that you were playing the guitar, ukulele and bass. How did you discover the ukulele ?

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