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Let’s find out what the French speaking ukulele players have been up to lately. Today, there will be videos for all tastes and all types of mood.

Feeling curious about the world ?

There is very little information about the video and I don’t know for sure what language the song, called Iteca, is in.

Anyhow, the ukulele player is French so I’ve decided to include the song in this post. The video was apparently filmed in Kotor, Montenegro. It’s a lovely song.

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I spent the most memorable of my study years in Hull, in the North-East of England. Some people might be prejudiced and frown at the mention of Hull, but to an exchange student determined not to meet any French people for a full year, Hull was the perfect place to be.

One of the reasons my year in Hull has been so special was that there were students from many different countries of Northern Europe, many of them being as interested in languages as I was. Besides, trying to understand the locals (which was pronounced more like ‘løøcals’) was another endless source of fun, not to mention listening to all of us foreigners trying to imitate the accent. So yeah, it was never dull in Hull, it was f#’ ace !

The student house I lived in was also an excellent playground for a language lover as two of my housemates were from Yorkshire and taught me to pronounce ‘water is boiling in the kettle‘ something like ‘wa’er is boiling in ‘he ke’el‘ as well as many idiomatic Yorkshire niceties.

To travel around the cities of Yorkshire, why not listen to Tony, a Yorkshire ukulele player, singing A Dalesman’ s Litany. Lyrics can be found here.

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I was starting to wonder why we didn’t get to see so many videos from Bosko and Honey’s Ukulele Safari 2010 until I found yogajenny‘s channel on YouTube. Jenny has uploaded many live performances from the Ukulele Safari crowd, as well as other live acts filmed at different ukulele festivals in Autralia.

Bosko and Honey, Gensblue from Japan, Yan Yalego from France and Jaynickel from Belgium set out in a safari bus (a motorhome) to travel around Australia and meet ukulele players along the way.

Let’s listen to them playing live in different cities along their safari.

Bosko and Honey’s theme song, performed in Canberra.

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