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Today I have concocted an English-speaking-countries uke trip which I hope you will enjoy.

1. Ireland

A fun original song by Barry from Dún Laoghaire _ I swear, it rhymes! _. It’s such a long time since I left Ireland now that I have to double check the spelling. Time flies !

The song is called Anywhere The Weather’s Not Too Bad. Warning : some instruments shown on the video can be misleading.

2. United-Kingdom

UkeTubeUK does a cover of Minnie the Moocher

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Since Blue Moon ukuleles are made in Romania, I was quite hopeful when I started my search for Romanian ukulele videos.  I was therefore quite disappointed when I couldn’t find any ukulele song in Romanian. < Sigh >

Here are my findings so far, all songs in English, so don’t hesitate to drop me a mail using the contact form (top right of the page) if you know of any ukulele videos in Romanian.

I found a Romanian

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Today our ukulele tour takes us to Bosnia and Herzegovina where we’ll be listening to a poignant style of traditional folk music from the Balkans called Sevdalinka or simply Sevdah.

Sevdah is a Bosnian word for love and longing and Sevdalinkas were usually melancholic songs describing the feelings and emotions caused by unfulfilled or unfortunate love. This style of music combines European, Oriental and Sephardic influences.

Now, I am not going to try and trick you into believing the …

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Once more, Swiss German Wilfried Welti displays his amazing ukulele skills and musical sensitivity in a beautifully played Bourre in E minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Wilfried is playing this Bach Bourre in E minor on a solid accacia Makapili Soprano ukulele which really sounds beautiful. If you’d like to try and play this piece yourself, the arrangement is available here via the Ukulelenclub Gallery.

I have asked Wilfried to tell us more about his arrangement and playing of the piece :

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Today is the start of my holidays which means I am in rather high spirits despite a nasty cold. Perfect time to travel the world of ukulele ! Here is an international uke tube which will take you to all corners of the globe.


Hearing a Welsh song performed on a ukulele is very rare so I am quite pleased with this find !

Ar Lan Môr, Welsh traditional on ukulele performed by Nic. For an English translation of the lyrics, check the description of the video.

From the United-Kingdom to Brazil

Cousin Alice, whom I discovered at the Paris Uke Fest last year along withTricity Vogue and the Sugarsnap Sisters, has travelled to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to remix and record her latest song Swinging on Rainbows. She has teamed up with Brazilian

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