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I am very briefly emerging from my blog break to dedicate this post to my friend who succumbed to cancer a week ago. Thanks to everyone who sent a word of support, that meant a lot to me.

Here is a selection of  fingerstyle ukulele videos I really like.

Pablo9000 is playing some Henry Purcell on the ukulele and it sounds great :

Jens from Germany plays a Study by Spanish Dioniso Aguado

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Dear readers,

I am devastated after having found out that a friend of mine had terminal cancer.

Cancer is an evil poison that has taken away too many dear ones. Hearing this sad news brings back the gloom of the insidious and unrelenting degradation of all that I have lost to this dreaded disease.

I am therefore taking a blog break as I need to focus my thoughts, gather whatever positive energy I can muster and radiate it towards my …

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I really liked Craig Robertson‘s song Undead so I was therefore very pleased when he kindly sent me a copy of his latest CD, Better Liar.

The CD consists of  eleven of Craig‘s original songs, including Undead,  and of a cover of The Scorpion Queen, a song by ukulelezo Zoe Janzen.

Craig Robertson describes the style of Better Liar as Gothic Pop Noir. The ukulele is not the instrument that naturally springs to mind in association with Gothic Pop Noir but it does fit perfectly well with the songs, and creates a special atmosphere quite unique to Craig Robertson. A perfect demonstration that the ukulele is much more than a happy-go-lucky instrument.

Here is a review of the songs I liked best in the album.

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Today we’ll not only fly like a bee to all corners of the globe, we’ll also travel back in time with a few covers of older tunes.

Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK and the US will be among our destinations with a few nice linguistic surprises such as a Russian song performed by an American or a Mexican song performed by a German.


Gwyn aka Gwynthesizer does a really nice cover of Winter is Blue by Vashti Bunyan, an artist I didn’t know before listening to Gwyn‘s cover.

Streetwize Birdcage from Perth perform

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