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A band that is new to me, Les Pops from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil : I’ve just discovered some great pop-rock songs featuring the ukulele and all this in Portuguese!

The band Les Pops are : Thiago Anthunes on vocals, ukulele and banjo, Rodrigo Bittencourt on guitar and vocals, Daniel Lopes on vocals and guitarraxo and Raphael Rapreto on drums.

Guitarraxo? I’ll give you the band’s definition of it :

a guitar with “octave”, an effects pedal that makes the instrument sound much more serious than normal.

Les Pops performing Esmalte

Another song performed by Thiago Anthunes from 

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After a week of regenerating sea air, cycling against the wind around the salt marshes and treating myself with plenty of  ‘caramels à la fleur de sel’, I am back for a new Ukulele World Tour.

Hope this picture will make you salivate…

Today we’ll celebrate Yorkshire day with a popular folksong in the Yorkshire dialect, then learn how to let it all pass away from the United-States, hear a Portuguese child song, move over to Brazil and listen to some fine singing by Agathe on Paris Plage.

To be honest I never knew there was a Yorkshire Day until I found the following song, On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at, and did some research on it which rather indirectly led me to find out about it. I love songs telling stories and this one says a lot about the practical sense of Yorkshire people.

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