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Discover ukulele instrumentals and fingerpicking at its best with the following selection of fingerstyle videos from around the world.

Whether it be in theme tunes, classical pieces, Celtic tunes, Brazilian music, flamenco and gipsy jazz, rock songs, the ukulele sounds really great. Enjoy this demonstration of the versatility of our favourite instrument !


Ken Middleton skillfully demonstrates the campanella technique on Loch Na Garr, a beautiful arrangement which I find very relaxing to listen to.

The arrangement can be purchased in Ken‘s ebook of Celtic arrangements : Celtic Ukulele ebook.


Jo. Vogel has made a lovely arrangement of a piece by Brazilian

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In the series of Funny Shop Names(funny from a French perspective), a Dutch friend of mine sent me a couple of pictures which are rather amusing and which I’d like to share.

If you are a Dutch shop owner and you wish to use a French name for your shop (to benefit from the classy image French seems to have), you need to  be sure that your fellow countrymen will pronounce your shop name correctly even if they don’t speak French.

Francophile Dutch shop owners have used cunning phonetic spelling of their shop names to ensure that they would be pronounced correctly.

Here is the Dutchified version of Déjà-Vu

Another creative approach is to use

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I have been rather distracted this week with the arrival of my new ukulele last Friday, a Pono MB Baritone ukulele. As a result there won’t be any Ukulele Weekly World Tour  this week.

I ordered my Pono baritone from , a French website selling ukes. I can really recommend the site as I received top service and the owner was very helpful and friendly when I called to enquire about my uke.

This Pono Baritone MB is made of solid mahogany, with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge and came with Ko’olau strings.

A baritone ukulele is very different from the other ukes and the best way to discover its  character is to play it till your fingers are sore. That’s exactly what I have been doing instead of looking for ukulele videos from around the world.

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If you are from the US, the UK, New-Zealand, Australia or Germany or any French big city then chances are ukulele playing is not so uncommon to you.

But what is it like for ukulele players from parts of the world where the uke is not so readily available ?

Today I’m interviewing Marcelo Mendes from Brazil to find out a bit more about ukulele playing in Brazil. Marcelo is among the first to have picked up the uke in Brazil and has just released an EP called No Embalo Do Helicoptero.

Here is a track from the EP called Eu perdi a minha paz

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