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You’re in for a really international feel today as our ukulele trip will take us all around the globe: this World Tour post will take you to Norway for some singing in Russian, to Canada for some West African Guitar Style strumming applied to the ukulele, to Italy for a classic and finally to Brazil and Australia with local singers and ukulele players Rick Melo and Tyrone.

Country: Norway / Language: Russian

Mr Arvemann and Line Mehlum from Norway sing Миленький ты мой, a Russian folk song by Nadezhda Kadysheva.

Russian lyrics are available here.

Country: Canada / Language: Instrumental

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Let me invite you to a trip to Poland today where you’ll get to hear two Polish ukulele players in two different styles. Tune your ears to the Polish language while listening to the songs and the interviews…

HappySad is a popular Polish rock band formed in 2001. In the following acoustic live session for Balcony TV Poznan, two members of the band perform the song Kostuchna from their album Mów mi dobrze on ukulele and guitar. Check out the steady ukulele strumming and interesting chord progression

If you wish to skip the introduction of the band in Polish, start the video at 1:47.

If anyone would like to try and study the ukulele strumming from the song Kostuchna, this instrumental cover by Szymon should help you visualise the chords played.

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Why not learn French while reading about your favourite subject _ the ukulele ?

The PLUCK is an online ukulele magazine created by a team of French ukulele aficionados, dealing with a wide variety of ukulele aspects and very neatly laid out. At the moment, the PLUCK is all in French but the PLUCK team has already announced that they would work on an English translation.

Here is an overview of what you can find in the PLUCK n° 2:

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Norwegian singer and ukulele player Siri Nilsen has just released a new album, Alle Snakker Sant (Everybody is telling the truth). Those of you looking to learn or pratise Norwegian will definitely appreciate her lovely voice and very clear lyrics together with her ukulele fingerpicking.

[Update of the 16.11.2011 : Lillebjørn Nilsen, who is a renowned Norwegian singer and songwriter and also Siri‘s father sent me the link to a performance of  ‘Alle Snakker Sant’ Siri and himself gave a few days ago during a TV show. It is the first time I see Lillebjørn perform on the uke, the guitar being his instrument of choice. The complicity between father and daughter is obvious in the video which you can view here (after a short ad).]

Here is a live version of the title song of the album, Alle Snakker Sant (Hvor skal du gå?)

And here is the studio version of the same song:

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The last weekend of October has been a very memorable weekend where Flamby1er from the COULE came to visit and joined my friend Guillaume and I for an intensive 2-day-ukulele and guitar session.

The three of us hadn’t played together for over a year and it was great to find out and share what we had learnt in that time frame.

We focused on a handful of songs, trying to get them to sound as right as possible with different combinations of ukes (Fluke, Flea, Koaloha Concert Pikake, Pono Baritone) and guitar (Lâg 4 Seasons).

Here is a recording of our cover of the Pirate’ Gospel by Alela Diane on guitar, Flea and Koaloha concert Pikake. This was a fun song to cover as all three of us could sing the chorus together while playing.

Pirate's Gospel cover

And here is our take on Paint It Black

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