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A few days ago, Ron Hale commented on my last post and mentioned the fact that he hadn’t seen many ukulele videos coming out of Scandinavia lately.

As it turned out, I received a mail today from Oslo folk singer-songwriter and guitarist Lillebjørn Nilsen,  father of ukulele player Siri Nilsen. I knew Lillebjørn played the uke and I had been on the lookout for videos in which he played our favourite instrument because I really like his songs in Norwegian. I searched in vain until Lillebjørn sent me a link to a ukulele session he played in an empty theatre in Oslo at the request of journalists from Svenska Dagbladet.

Lillebjørn Nilsen playing Se Deg Aldri Tilbake  (Never Look Back) on ukulele, an emotional session for him as he had just attended the funeral of a close friend.

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And now for something completely different… Today it is time to reveal what my big project was all about…

My friend Guillaume and I started a discussion one day on how broad and eclectic our subjects of interest were and how difficult it was to find a thread to make sense of them all. We both enjoyed writing, were captivated by nineteenth century literature and beautiful books with engravings from this period. Besides, I was fascinated by Iceland and the Icelandic language while Guillaume would spend hours copying Olaus MagnusCarta Marina.

One day we  decided to board a brig heading towards northern latitudes and see where it would lead us. The journey was a long and perilous one, the outcome uncertain… After more than a year of brain turmoil, writing whirlwinds, and drawing maelströms, a book was born : Les Fumerolles de Thulé.

Les Fumerolles de Thulé

Guillaume, who has co-written Les Fumerolles de Thulé with me, has also

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