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Dutch and Polish ukulele-playing ladies this week with Kreatones, Zagi and more from Mela Koteluk. Enjoy !

The Kreatones, a band from The Netherlands, playing a song at a bandcontest for Monster! I couldn’t find any other ukulele track from the same band so enjoy this one Dutch song : Monsterhit – Jumpin’ Diz, Rockin’ Rose & the Ukraine Ukuleles. Lyrics are in Dutch and can be found in the Youtube description for the video.

After the success of my last post featuring Mela Koteluk,

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A great live performance by Mela Koteluk from Poland singing Stale Płynne, accompanied on ukulele by Tomasz Krawczyk.

If you’ve enjoyed the song Stale Płynne and would like to learn to play it, here is a tutorial with detailed explanations by Przyjazne ukulele.

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A cheerful melody, a great voice, plenty of doo doo doo dee doo doo and pa pam pa dam pa to chase the melancholy of autumn settling in [lucky you on the other side of the world who now see the dawn of Spring!], all this provided generously by the great Icelandic singer songwriter Svavar Knútur. Enjoy !

Where did my brain go?…

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