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Different countries,
Different cultures
one common language... the ukulele.


Welcome to Ukulele & Languages !

The idea behind this blog is to share my interests in languages and the ukulele.  I have organised it around 5 categories :

Ukulele World Tour
This is where you will find out how the ukulele is played across the world, how different cultures and languages affect the style of playing.

In this category you will find videos of ukulele songs in many different languages as I am trying to find ukulele players in all countries of the world. You will sometimes find extra information about the countries and their culture as well as some interviews of ukulele players from different horizons.

Ukulele Beginner
Beside my Ukulele and Languages research I’d like to share my own experience as a ukulele beginner learning to play the ukulele as my first instrument. As nobody plays the ukulele around here I am learning from information I find on the Internet.

This is why I have created a Ukulele Beginner section where you will find the links I found useful, some tutorials and other relevant information.

Ukulele Languages
This category will be slightly more personal as I will discuss trips I’ve made, tell you about ukulele fests I”ve attended, and any other event of importance.

Ukulele Albums
This section is where I’ll talk about ukulele albums I have bought and liked.

Language Fun
I’ve created this section for language lovers like myself. It consists of linguistic and/or cultural anecdotes from various trips, cross-cultural jokes, anything that points out how fun it is to learn other languages and how much of a culture you understand through its language.


This site is ads-free and I intend to keep it that way but I will  advertise every now and then for Amazon products (books, CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s)  related to the posts I write.

A little bit about myself










Why do I use the pseudo Armelle Europe?

From a very young age I have embarrassed my parents in various situations because of my interest in languages. It started just before age 2 when I greeted old neighbours my mother was visiting on a regular basis in their very own local dialect, giving my mother a hard time as she was trying to refrain from laughing.  From that time onwards, there are many language-related anecdotes to tell. It seems that I was born with the urge to communicate and emulate other people’s ways of speaking.

In order to fulfill my insatiable curiosity about the world and its languages, I have travelled a bit and lived in several countries of Northern Europe : England, The Netherlands, Ireland.

I’ve never felt typical French and as I have moved from country to country I have tried to pick the best from each place I’ve visited. Since I’ve mostly moved about within Europe I decided to call myself Armelle Europe : neither French, nor English, German, Dutch or Norwegian but a kaleidoscope of it all…

From the peaceful hillsides of Burgundy I now use the Internet to fulfill my need to learn other languages, connect with ukulele players around the world and to find out about countries I have never been to.


Many thanks to Morten at Norweb for the web development of Ukulele & Languages. 

Ukulele Beginner ?

You’ve chosen to learn to play the ukulele. Read interviews of skilled ukulele players and find out about tips they are giving. See posts on useful tutorials and links.
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Language Fun

A place for language lovers where I’m trying to demonstrate how fun it is to learn other languages and how much of a culture you understand through its language.
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