Ukulele & Languages

Different countries,
Different cultures
one common language... the ukulele.


Ukulele World Tour

Find out how people from many different countries and cultures play the ukulele.

Read interviews of players from different countries, hear them sing in their native languages .

Let each country tell you a story  through the world of the ukulele.

Ukulele Beginner ?

Read tips from skilled ukulele players from around the world, find out what ukulele they use and how they came to play the ukulele.

Find out about ukulele tutorials I found useful.

Discover many different styles of music that can be played on a ukulele through a selection of ukulele videos.

Ukulele & Languages

A category where I’ll discuss ukulele events I have attended, and any subject of importance in the life of  Ukulele & Languages.

Ukulele Albums

My review of ukulele albums I have bought. This category will be updated as my ukulele collection grows.

Language Fun

A category for language lovers like myself where I’ll discuss weird translations I have found when travelling,  cross-cultural anecdotes.

This is where I’ll try to share my enthusiasm about language learning.

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