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A Spring Selection of ukulele videos from around the world to wish you an excellent weekend. Videos from the continents of North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and Australia, all a pleasure for your ears !

Now, is there a ukulele player reading this post feeling valorous enough to set up an expedition to Antartica, the missing continent on Ukulele and Languages ? You won’t have to carry a flag with you, that’s all been done before; all I’m asking for is a tiny ukulele song in the middle of the ice packs of Antartica. I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt trying so I suggest you watch this video before you make hasty plans to follow the tracks of Roald Amundsen. No volunteer ? Ah well, I don’t blame you, take it easy, make yourself a warm cup of tea and enjoy these videos instead !

1. Canada

Rob aka sanfordandsong accompanies the band Leaf Rapids on a cover of David Bowie‘s The Man Who Sold the World. I really like the atmosphere the ukulele creates.

2. France

Exquisite vocal harmonies coupled with cheekiness, Les Poupées Gonflées have just released their latest song, Sad Song.

3. Slovakia

Strempek Band, a band from Slovakia perform Celosvetová kríza. 

4. Tunisia and Algeria

Multi-instrumentalist Hmenou from Tunisia covers the song Hchich et Pois Chiche from Algerian band Djmawi_Africa. 

5. Columbia

Esteman and La Esteband from Columbia perform  El Pimentón,. Lyrics can be found here.

6. Ukraine

Ukulele & More make the ukulele rock in a cover Моє море (My Sea) by Ukrainian band Скрябін

7. China

Sasa sings in Chinese on WAikiki beach Hawaii

8. Australia

Straight from the outback, Fidel and Sarah Anne perform a traditional banjo tune, Greasy Coat on ukulele and guitar. Clawhammer technique sounds great !

9. Thaïland

Zen Patiphan performs El Fragoberto an original ukulele instrumental.

How about a relaxing weekend travelling around the world to the sound of some great classical or fingerstyle ukulele videos ? Three continents are represented in today’s selection which comprises work by composers as well as original arrangements. Enjoy !

1. Belgium

Herman Vandecauter performs a ukulele arrangement of a Corrente, an Italian courtly dance from the 17th-18th century as well as a Giga from a partita by Filippo Sauli.

2. Korea

A very pleasant Study in C Minor arranged by 이인하

3. Germany

Allemande in Dm by G.F. Handel performed by Roland Völker and Dennis Schütze on ukulele and guitar. This video is an excellent illustration of how ukulele and guitar complement each other.

4. Switzerland

Wilfried Welti performs a lively Russian Folk theme, Korobeiniki (Коробейники).

5. United States

Wil Forbis plays Justine’s garden, a baritone ukulele instrumental.

 As we are settling well into autumn here, with the light decreasing a bit more each day, why not set the gloom aside and head for sunny destinations where bright-sounding ukulele rhythms will cheer us up ?

Oceania is a perfect choice for that purpose. To start our tour, here is a map to help you locate the various islands we will be visiting.

Oceania Map Source Wikipedia

Source : Wikipedia, author : Holger Behr

1. French Polynesia

First sunny glimpse brings us to Tahiti in the French Polynesia where the string band Te Ava Piti gives a live performance of the song E Hee Te Va on a beach.

2. Melanesia

Moving on to Melanesia where a group of musicians from Vanuatu and South Pacific called Natano Pasifika perform Ni Duwe.

Thanks to Ron Hale from pointing me to this video.

Just to make you travel around several islands, here is some information about the band Natano Pasifika : Mars Melto  is from the Malakula island, Tio bang  from the island of Ambrym, Yaya  from New Caledonia, Anthony Roy  from the Gaua island, Robert from the Tongoa island and Gordy  from the Vanua Lava island.

When a Russian meets  and jams with a Vanuatu Band, here is what it sounds like :

3. Micronesia

A group of young ladies singing on a beach were filmed by Dr. Marelli while he was visiting the Island of Pakin, Micronesia.

 4. Marshall Islands

Brandy performing the song Rainin ej raan in Anjo


High time to update our Polish ukulele tour with this Sunday selection of ukulele videos from Poland ! Enjoy !

Previously discovered on Balcony TV and featured in this postMaja Koman with a new video My dear deer :

Another video by Maja Koman, in Polish this time : Babcia mówi

For the many fans of Mela Koteluk, here is her performance of the song Kura domowa. Read more about Mela Koteluk in this post.

Finally, for those who would like to practise a bit of Polish, here is a nice cover of a 1938 lullaby by Henryk Wars created for the film Paweł i Gaweł, performed by Rafał Wylegała. The song is called Ach śpij kochanie and its lyrics can be found here.

In need for some music to unwind after a stressful week ? How about ukulele videos set in the middle of nature to start the weekend ?

UK band Cardboard CarouselCalliopi McDowell and Richard Dawson perform their song Does Anybody Know ?

Sebastian Daglinckx aka Mélodies Nomades plays a beautiful composition Des mots, d’hier et d’aujourd’hui amidst the trees.

Have a cold ? The mountains will do you good and so will this instrumental by Benno Schlumpf from Switzerland.



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