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Ukulele songs in Irish are extremely rare so I was really pleased when I found this post by Tony on the Uke Ireland blog mentioning a ukulele group from Belfast singing in Irish.

I never would have thought I’d see a Tom Waits song covered in Irish but here is Jockey Full of Bourbon as Gaeilge, played by a grand ukulele trio, Cait Ni Mhurchu, Holly Ni Ghrada and Georoid Mac Lochlainn !

Two of the Belfast Ukulele Group play After You’re Gone by Bessie Smith

你好 ! (Ni Hao) Feel like practising Chinese and ukulele today ?

Here are a couple of songs performed by Zhang Songtao.

First, a Cantonese song :

and another song :


Time for a Thai break today !

There is a large community of ukulele players in Thailand so I have selected a few videos for your entertainment. Sorry if I don’t attempt to translate the title of the songs or any other information, I don’t speak Thai and I am rather skeptical with what Google Translate comes up with. If you speak Thai and can help me, please leave me a comment !

First stop is at the Thailand International Ukulele Fest 2013 where we’ll listen to a song by Singto Numchok, a very popular ukulele player in Thailand.

สิงโต นำโชค – อยู่ต่อเลยได้ไหม :

Next is a skillful instrumental ukulele cover by Tangguitar

ถามจันทร์ Ukulele บรรเลง cover by หลูดดอด

Finally, a Thai ukulele lady, Apple Show, lets you enjoy the sounds of the Thai language with her lovely voice.

เธอคิดยังไงกัน (นท The Star) by Apple Show

Dutch and Polish ukulele-playing ladies this week with Kreatones, Zagi and more from Mela Koteluk. Enjoy !

The Kreatones, a band from The Netherlands, playing a song at a bandcontest for Monster! I couldn’t find any other ukulele track from the same band so enjoy this one Dutch song : Monsterhit – Jumpin’ Diz, Rockin’ Rose & the Ukraine Ukuleles. Lyrics are in Dutch and can be found in the Youtube description for the video.

After the success of my last post featuring Mela Koteluk, here is more Polish ukulele with a song entitled Karton by Zagi (more ukulele songs on her website) :

Finally, for the many of you who fell in love with Mela Koteluk, here is an acoustic session where she played her song Spadochron live for Eska ROCK! with ukulele player Tomasz Krawczyk. Please note that I have added this video as an extra so my title for this post was not meant to be misleading !


A great live performance by Mela Koteluk from Poland singing Stale Płynne, accompanied on ukulele by Tomasz Krawczyk.

If you’ve enjoyed the song Stale Płynne and would like to learn to play it, here is a tutorial with detailed explanations by Przyjazne ukulele. (Please note that Em is written down as a small ‘e‘ in the tutorial. The tutorial is in Polish but with the pictures and the slow pronunciation, it definitely is a great way to familiarize yourself with the language while strumming your favourite instrument.

Finally, here is another version of the same song Mela Koteluk and Tomasz Krawczyk  performed for Balcony TV, followed by an interview in Polish in case you’d like to further practise the language.

Do zobaczenia!



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