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Ukulele and Brooklyn bagels vs. London beigels

08 2010

There’s always something original cooking with Amelia Robinson and this time she’s asked me if I could relay information about a ukulele event she is going to take part in, as part of the Spitalfields Music Festival, in London, UK, during the month of June 2010.

Here is her description of the event :

A Magical History Tour is a guided coach trip like no other through historical sites of the East End of London.

I join comedians Alan Gilbey and Steve Wells on my ukulele, singing site specific tunes about hidden secrets on the route.

Our grand finale leaves us in front of Beigel Bake on Brick Lane, where I encourage a heated discussion on the differences between Brooklyn Bagels (I’m a NY-er me-self) and London Beigels (often pronounced buygels).

I’d like to invite anyone who is interested to partake in a flash mob scene in front of Beigel Bake promptly at 5pm on Saturdays 12, 19, 26 June to join me in a rendition of Bagels vs. Beigels.
Listen to : Bagels vs. Beigels by Amelia Robinson

We want to create a big street scene with as many uke players as possible and encourage everyone to voice their opinion & preferences on the matter.

Place: Brick Lane Beigel Bake, 159 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB

Bring: your Uke & passion for Bagels OR Beigels

If you find that the discussion is not heated enough with bagels vs. beigels, why not spice things up by adding bubliks, pretzels, baronkos, girdeh nan, açma, to name but a few bagel-beigel cousins from around the world?

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