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Ukulele and Machine translation

17 2009

While searching for ukulele videos in various languages, I stumbled upon this page. As stated at the top of the page, “This page is a simplified edition of an original Japanese page and has been translated by machine”.

As a lover of languages, I have always been wary of machine translation. But I must say, it certainly keeps me entertained.

Here are some quotes taken from the page :

“Rakuten has many shops with many different kinds of products. Usually, the shops will ship your purchases directly to you. “

Does this mean that they sometimes ship your purchases to somebody else instead ?


Just what you need to play with Mad Tea Party

Never doubt the power of the ukulele : even machines lose their head to the charm of a uke :

“Now, I want to touch the ukulele!
Ritai well as the interior!
Indulge in Hawaii who
It is very recommended.”

Buying over the internet will not harm you :

[…] “Now I’m not hurt to re-purchase.”

In case you are still not convinced to buy, this detailed description of the product will definitely win you over :)

“I want to touch the ukulele! Set of six introductory

■ Body There are strings stretched from the beginning.
■ Soft Case 持Chi歩Kemasu anywhere.
■ Pitch Pipe 4 Adjust the sound of this whistle this tune.
■ ukulele textbook Very very easy to understand introduction to the ukulele textbook.
■ replacement strings If you have any spare strings of worry. GHS strings are the same as the first.
■ Pick I recommend you play the first pick.”


  1. Acilius on the 17th of November 2009 @ 19:13

    “Buy that for beginners, I was not a direction that you feel in earnest. What is a good for me. I thought it was cheap. Real Kuni Tokii Now I’m not hurt to re-purchase.” I couldn’t have put it better myself…

  2. Armelle Europe on the 17th of November 2009 @ 21:43

    Acilius : it’s hard to do better than that, I agree !

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