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one common language... the ukulele.


Ukulele Links

Free resources:

Ukulele Hunt : Post for First Timers
If you are just beginning to play the ukulele, look for the paragraph called Posts for Beginners. In there you will find all the useful links which will tell you how to read chord charts, how to read ukulele tabs, advice on buying a ukulele and other useful tips.

Ukulele Hunt : Tabs and Chords
Where you can find lots of quality tabs and chords. The list is growing and updated every week.

Saturday Uke Tube
When you start playing the ukulele, it is a great idea to listen to other ukulele players. Every Saturday you will find a Uke Tube on Ukulele Hunt with songs from different players and styles. A good way to build up a ukulele culture.

PDF-Minstrel : fingerstyle ukulele
If you are looking to learn fingerstyle ukulele, PDF Minstrel is an excellent site. On the page TRI-TABS you will find a growing number of tabs in all styles of music which are simplified since you learn to play on three of the four strings of your ukulele. Once you are ready to progress, you can read this post on how to add a fourth re-entrant string. It also includes tabs for the baritone ukulele.

Ukulele Go
Ukulele Learning tips and lessons, song arrangements and a ukulele chord progression tool to help you find which chords will go together well with any chord you choose. You will also find reviews of ukuleles on the site.

Doctor Uke’s chords
Chords for known songs. Look for songs marked with * for easy songs. For baritone ukulele chords, look for the songs marked with ‘BAR‘.

Ukulele Underground Lessons
Detailed lessons on how to play known songs with strum pattern info and chords explanations.

Resources you can buy:

Ukulele for Dummies by Al Wood

How to Play Ukulele e-books
Detailed e-books on different ukulele-related subjects. All of them well worth the money. If you are a ukulele beginner, I’d suggest you buy these e-books first :

How to play Ukulele Strums : teaches you strums after teaching very important basics such as rhythm and tempo.
Ukulele 101 : 101 common ukulele related questions answered.
How to play Ukulele Chord Progressions.

E-books for ukulele fingerpicking style :

Rob Mc Killop’s page where you can buy e-books with great ukulele arrangements of Celtic tunes and Baroque pieces.
– Ken Middleton has released some ebooks (12 Tunes for Bluegrass Ukulele and 12 Tunes for Celtic Ukulele) and you will also find some free arrangements on his site.
Wilfried Welti also has great ukulele ebooks and quite a few of them are free.

Links to Ukulele Shops :

This is a non exhaustive list of online ukulele shops I have ordered from and/or been in contact with :

in France :

Justecordes : bought my first ukulele, a soprano Brüko n” 6, from them as well as other accessories (strings, tuner…)

Musique83 : bought my Koaloha concert from them.

Ukebox : bought my Pono baritone from them as well as my Kala pocket uke.

Pick et Boch : a shop selling all kinds of instruments from all corners of the world. Bought my Fluke from them.

in the UK :

Southern Ukulele Store : a ukulele shop in Bornemouth, also selling online. The shop kindly offers a 10% discount off any purchase to my visitors, you  just need to use the discount code SUS2014

in the US : 

Flea Market Music : got great pieces of advice on how to fix my Fluke and ordered a new neck from them.

Elderly Instruments : bought strings for my baritone uke from them.

Ko’olau ukulele : got excellent advice on how to fix the truss rod on my Pono baritone uke.

Language Links:

Lost in translation
A website with quite a few funny translations into English from various languages. Quite entertaining.

A blog about language and linguistics. Have fun taking the Guess your English quiz in this post

Icelandic Online
A great site where you can learn Icelandic.

Ukulele Beginner ?

You’ve chosen to learn to play the ukulele. Read interviews of skilled ukulele players and find out about tips they are giving. See posts on useful tutorials and links.
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