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How about a relaxing weekend travelling around the world to the sound of some great classical or fingerstyle ukulele videos ? Three continents are represented in today’s selection which comprises work by composers as well as original arrangements. Enjoy !

1. Belgium

Herman Vandecauter performs a ukulele arrangement of a Corrente, an Italian courtly dance from the 17th-18th century as well as a Giga from a partita by Filippo Sauli.

2. Korea

A very pleasant Study in C Minor arranged by 이인하

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In need for some music to unwind after a stressful week ? How about ukulele videos set in the middle of nature to start the weekend ?

UK band Cardboard CarouselCalliopi McDowell and Richard Dawson perform their song Does Anybody Know ?

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The focus of this World Tour will be mainly on instrumental fingerstyle ukulele from around the world but I’ve also featured a couple of  other videos with singing.

1. Poland

Pawel‘s ukulele arrangement of Sen o Warszawie (The dream about Warsaw) by Czesław Niemen performed on a Makapili koa tenor ukulele.

2. Belgium

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This week’s Ukulele World Tour has a certain summer feel and adds a new dialect to listen to with the German Viennese dialect from Austria.

Herman Vandecauter, Paulien and Alex invite us to Spain with their version of La Cucaracha. Meanwhile, David Owens from the US tells us about Paul Simon‘s fifty ways to leave your lover

Charles Song from Brazil will let you revise some classics while Amanda from Taiwan and Sparkly Rhythm will conclude this post with ukulele covers in Chinese and Thai.

Country: Austria / Language: Austrian (Viennese dialect)

Gofel and Ronaldo perform Glaabst i bin bleed (meaning ‘Do you think I am stupid’) from the Viennese band Worried Men Skiffle Group.

They do not seem unduly worried…

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If you’ve been following the blog, you will know that I have been learning classical uke with Herman Vandecauter over Skype for the past 8 months.

I was therefore thrilled when Herman told me he and his wife would stop over at my place on his holiday tour.

It was certainly a very enriching weekend and I have learnt a great deal. Besides being a very skilled player of various plucked string instruments, Herman knows many stories about the history of music and has many an anecdote to tell about his 40 years of experience as a classical guitarist.

Herman took it on himself to play Tico Tico, a piece he had just finished arranging for the classical guitar, while at the same time teaching myself and a newly ukulele-converted friend to strum along on our ukes. Tico Tico was composed in 1917 by Brazilian musician and composer de Abreu.

The result is not that bad considering we learnt the piece in one afternoon. Many thanks to Herman’s wifefor filming.

Herman demonstrated his skills on both the guitar and the ukulele and seeing him play here was a truly amazing experience. He played so many complex pieces from memory,

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