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Bring together Fanny Fanlight from the United-Kingdom

… and Herman Vandecauter from Belgium

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Today I am inviting you to listen to fingerstyle uke from all around the globe and to find out the latest news/videos from the fingerstyle ukulele players that I have interviewed this year.

Firstly, let’s travel to the Andes with Herman Vandecauter skillfully exploring another musical style, with 3 beautiful arrangements of pieces from the Andes. The tunes are played on a Kiwaya-KTC2 that Herman has just acquired.

Read Herman‘s tips on ukulele fingerpicking here.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

While we are in Latin America, here is a ukulele improvisation from Mexico, combining fingerpicking and strumming.

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I have been trying to find ukulele videos from the Baltic states lately. I was therefore very glad when I found a Lithuanian ukulele player in this video where a Lithuanian band called The Rhythm Junkies perform together with a Swedish band called Too Dumb To Die at the Herräng Dance Camp.

Ugnius, the very same ukulele player can also be seen performing with Lithuanian and Turkish friends in this cover of Nah Neh Nah by Belgian band Vaya

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Today I’m inviting you to a world tour of fingerstyle ukulele players from 9 different countries. You’ll be able to hear different styles of music interpreted by players from different horizons, showing the versatility of the ukulele.

1. United-States

Tim, from the United States is playing a version of Larry O’Gaff. The parts where the video is in color are from John King‘s version, and those where the video is in black and white are adapted from James Hill‘s version.

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Herman Vandecauter from Belgium is primarily a pro classical guitarist and mandolinist, but he took up the ukulele in January 2009 and quickly found out how to get the best sound out of it.
Before I ask him a few questions, let’s hear a video of him playing Courante by German lutenist Sylvius Leopold Weiss. I find this piece really soothing after a stressful day.

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