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Stealing ukuleles seem to have been a world occupation this week as it made the news both in New-Zealand and in Norway.

The Dominion Post in New-Zealand reports how a youth smashed his way into a Wellington music shop only to steal a ukulele worth $200.

On the other side of the world, Siri Nilsen from Norway reported that she had been assaulted in the centre of Oslo yesterday and that her precious Kala thin body ukulele was stolen.

Lillebjørn Nilsen‘s (Siri Nilsen‘s father) pictures of the stolen ukulele and its case.

And now for this week’s musical world tour…

Country: France / Language: French

This video has to come first in this post as it provides an excellent transition with my previous post on the international language of swearing, if only because of the sense of humour of a French ukulele band who have called themselves Le CUL (the arse).

Le CUL (Collectif d’Ukulélé Lillois) performing Le Museau Qui Tremble .

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Discover ukulele instrumentals and fingerpicking at its best with the following selection of fingerstyle videos from around the world.

Whether it be in theme tunes, classical pieces, Celtic tunes, Brazilian music, flamenco and gipsy jazz, rock songs, the ukulele sounds really great. Enjoy this demonstration of the versatility of our favourite instrument !


Ken Middleton skillfully demonstrates the campanella technique on Loch Na Garr, a beautiful arrangement which I find very relaxing to listen to.

The arrangement can be purchased in Ken‘s ebook of Celtic arrangements : Celtic Ukulele ebook.


Jo. Vogel has made a lovely arrangement of a piece by Brazilian

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If you are from the US, the UK, New-Zealand, Australia or Germany or any French big city then chances are ukulele playing is not so uncommon to you.

But what is it like for ukulele players from parts of the world where the uke is not so readily available ?

Today I’m interviewing Marcelo Mendes from Brazil to find out a bit more about ukulele playing in Brazil. Marcelo is among the first to have picked up the uke in Brazil and has just released an EP called No Embalo Do Helicoptero.

Here is a track from the EP called Eu perdi a minha paz

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This week’s Ukulele World Tourwill start off in Europe, with a lovely voice from Ireland and a Dutch song by the Uke Box.

Featured as well some excellent ukulele instrumentals from the UK and Japan as well as a live performance from Brazil.

Ever wondered how Nepali singing would combine with the uke ? Today is your chance to find out.

Country: Ireland / Language: English

Kitchen singing with Emily Cole singing Little Kočko.

Just noticed today that a very good live performance of this song had been uploaded so I’ve added it as well.

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A band that is new to me, Les Pops from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil : I’ve just discovered some great pop-rock songs featuring the ukulele and all this in Portuguese!

The band Les Pops are : Thiago Anthunes on vocals, ukulele and banjo, Rodrigo Bittencourt on guitar and vocals, Daniel Lopes on vocals and guitarraxo and Raphael Rapreto on drums.

Guitarraxo? I’ll give you the band’s definition of it :

a guitar with “octave”, an effects pedal that makes the instrument sound much more serious than normal.

Les Pops performing Esmalte

Another song performed by Thiago Anthunes from 

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