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I watched a few wish lanterns floating about in the night sky while visiting the city of Tianjin in China. Watching their red glow rise in the night was kind of mesmerizing and felt a bit magic. I was amazed at how high these paper lanterns could rise, and at how long they could float about. I was a bit concerned that they could set fire to something on their descent but there was no casualty to report on that night and the old quarters of Tianjin are still standing.

I did actually bring one of these lanterns home and I started reading the instructions on the packaging last weekend. Now, they are by far the funniest instructions I have ever read _ not that I have read very many, I usually can’t be bothered, but this once I thought what with the risk of setting fire to something and all, and decided to be wise.

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I am just back from my express trip to the Middle Kingdom, totally burnt out after enduring the 6-hour-time difference twice in the last 6 days, and still suffering from motion sickness dizziness several days after being back.

Yet I am really glad to be back in touch with my fellow ukulele bloggers and readers, catching up on all the interesting posts I couldn’t access from China. I found out that my blog fell under the mighty censorship there too. I never realised that my writings were subversive… actually that most ukulele bloggers’ writings were too.

This explains why there has been no Weekly World Tour post last week, much against my will.

Anyhow, my very recently acquired Kala-niño (my Kala pocket uke) has made its pilgrimage to the land where it was made and I was very happy to have it around to fill my sleepless hours with its reassuring presence and joyful sound. I got to know it pretty well during this past week where I really discovered how to adapt my playing to its very small size.

Here it is, sweet and tiny, overlooking the streets of Beijing very early in the morning.

In case you are wondering why motion sickness is such an issue in China, this video should give you a pretty good idea

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The Chinese word for Ukulele looks fascinating : 烏克麗麗 . I wonder how long it would take me to try and write it on paper ! If you have any idea what the various Chinese ideograms composing the word ukulele are, I’d love to hear from you !

Anyhow, by means of an introduction, this short Chinese ukulele greeting song :

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Today’s ukulele visits will take us to Korea and Singapore.

The first video has a rather catchy melody and is a cover of a song by Korean singer Harim, called Chocolate story. When listening to the song, it seems like the word “chocolate” sounds similar in Korean. The written word is another story : 초콜릿

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Yes the eighth of the eighth is that time of year when I’m supposedly becoming one year wiser.

Here is a little world tour of ukulele birthday songs :

Let’s start with the world famous Birthday greeting, sounding a bit more exotic in Chinese

While we are in Asia, here is a song called Sweet Happy Birthday by Ayano Tsuji in Japanese

a Geburstagslied from Germany

A rather improvised birthday song in French

And yet Another Birthday Song (the actual …

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