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The last weekend of October has been a very memorable weekend where Flamby1er from the COULE came to visit and joined my friend Guillaume and I for an intensive 2-day-ukulele and guitar session.

The three of us hadn’t played together for over a year and it was great to find out and share what we had learnt in that time frame.

We focused on a handful of songs, trying to get them to sound as right as possible with different combinations of ukes (Fluke, Flea, Koaloha Concert Pikake, Pono Baritone) and guitar (Lâg 4 Seasons).

Here is a recording of our cover of the Pirate’ Gospel by Alela Diane on guitar, Flea and Koaloha concert Pikake. This was a fun song to cover as all three of us could sing the chorus together while playing.

Pirate's Gospel cover

And here is our take on Paint It Black

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Firstly, let me announce the birth of a new Ukulele website :

The COULE (Lille and surroundings Ukulele Club) have launched their own site today, where you can keep track of their activities and sessions. You will find a portrait of some of the members of the COULE as well as ukulele-related information both in French and English.

This afternoon I have tried to keep my cool and have not quite managed. Iceland should help me, if not I’ll …

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A few weeks ago, after buying tickets for the Paris Uke Fest, I realised I hadn’t even checked the French ukulele forum. I just didn’t think about it at all. I started the ukulele after watching several videos by the UOGB (Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain) and therefore looked for information in English.

Word had not yet reached the vineyards of Burgundy that there was an active French Ukulele community, and that there were French bands and singers playing the ukulele. Ironically I discovered the French blog King David Ukulele Station (KDUS) on Ukulele Hunt.
It was about time I found out what was going on in the French Ukulele world, so I registered to the KDUS Forum. The first member to welcome me was from the C.O.U.L.E (Club Olympique d’Ukulele de Lille et ses Environs), giving credit to the reputation of Northern French to be cordial and warm-hearted.

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