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Several people have asked me about Jamie Holding‘s ukulele arrangements and reported that the link mentioned in this post was no longer working. As I too really enjoy playing Jamie‘s arrangements, which are well-documented and nicely laid-out, I contacted him to find out more.

I got good news back from Jamie : you can still get hold of his ukulele ebooks by contacting him directly by mail at Invoicing is done via PayPal.

Besides, Jamie offers a completely free ebook of Robert de Visée‘s Suite n°9 in D minor which you can download here. The suite consists of 9 pieces.
Download free ebook :  Robert De Visée – Suite 9 in Dm

You can hear Valéry Sauvage playing some of the Robert de Visée pieces arranged by Jamie :

What ebooks can you purchase from Jamie ? Here is a list that he has compiled :

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I don’t normally post videos I make on my website but this one is special in the sense that it is a big HUGE thank you video dedicated to Herman Vandecauter (YouTube Channel) who has been patiently teaching me fingerstyle uke for the past three months.

There are no ukulele teachers around where I live nor any other player that I know of and Herman has kindly offered to teach me fingerstyle ukulele over Skype.  Despite a few occasional technical problems, learning over Skype has proven a good solution and I am very grateful to Herman for helping me in my ukulele learning.

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