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Ken Middleton has just released an ebook entitled 12 tunes for Celtic Ukulele and has been very kind to send me a copy so I’d like to share some information as to what is in the ebook. I haven’t had time to try the arrangements myself yet, but I am looking forward to it.

First things first, let’s listen to Ken himself playing one of his lovely arrangements, Fisher’s Hornpipe.

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I am very briefly emerging from my blog break to dedicate this post to my friend who succumbed to cancer a week ago. Thanks to everyone who sent a word of support, that meant a lot to me.

Here is a selection of  fingerstyle ukulele videos I really like.

Pablo9000 is playing some Henry Purcell on the ukulele and it sounds great :

Jens from Germany plays a Study by Spanish Dioniso Aguado

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Once more, Al displays amazing skills in his ukulele version of Offenbach‘s Orpheus in the Underworld.

Al‘s fingers move at the pace of the Infernal Galop on the fingerboard, and I still wonder how one can move so accurately along the fretboard at such a speed. Hardly human this…

Other nice instrumentals this week include Tears wet the Tumen River by Cho / Happy Bear from South-Korea. Thanks Jeff for mailing me about this Korean player.…

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Today I’d like to relay several pieces of information pertaining to fingerstyle ukulele which I found interesting.

New ebook released by Jamie Holding :

Jamie Holding has published a new ebook entitled Joan Ambrosio Dalza – 10 Pieces

Joan Ambrosio Dalza was an Italian lutenist and composer who played an important part in early Renaissance lute music. Jamie has arranged 10 of his works for the ukulele.

Jamie describes Dalza‘s works as catchy and moderately easy to pick and play.

As a preview to his ebook, you can get a free sample music sheet of a piece called Piva here.

Buy the full ebook on Jamie Holding‘s site here.

Familiarise yourself with Dalza‘s work and listen to Valéry Sauvage playing Jamie Holding‘s arrangement of Pavana alla Venetiana.

Rob MacKillop’s ebooks will be published by Mel Bay

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Today I am inviting you to listen to fingerstyle uke from all around the globe and to find out the latest news/videos from the fingerstyle ukulele players that I have interviewed this year.

Firstly, let’s travel to the Andes with Herman Vandecauter skillfully exploring another musical style, with 3 beautiful arrangements of pieces from the Andes. The tunes are played on a Kiwaya-KTC2 that Herman has just acquired.

Read Herman‘s tips on ukulele fingerpicking here.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

While we are in Latin America, here is a ukulele improvisation from Mexico, combining fingerpicking and strumming.

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